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  • Make Exercise Fun Again
    Wish you enjoyed working out more than you do? You can. Here are five things to add to your routine to keep you coming back to exercise day after day. Read >>
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Make Exercise Fun Again

Believe it or not, you make your workouts more enjoyable. Here’s how.

Is exercise something you dread? Is it something you do just because it’s your routine? Or do you look forward to getting to the gym every day? Your answer to these questions have serious implications. And if you don’t love exercise, that needs to change. Because as you could guess, hating your workout makes you more likely to quit exercising before reaching your health and fitness goals.

Wish you enjoyed working out more than you do? You can. Here are five things to add to your routine to keep you coming back to exercise day after day.

1. Add a Friend

Life is busy. It’s hard to fit social time into your busy calendar. Why not combine it with exercise? Many people find that exercising with a friend is much more enjoyable than being alone. You get to enjoy each other’s company and hold one another accountable. Knowing there’s someone meeting you at the gym or track is motivation to stick to your workout. Don’t think you have any friends who enjoy working out? You have at least one, and that special someone is waiting for you to get to the gym. Who is it? Your trainer!

2. Add Music

If you get bored during exercise, it may be too quiet. Music may be what you need to make it more enjoyable. With the right music and the right tempo, you can feel inspired to keep moving as you jog or pedal to the beat. To feel the energy every time you step foot in the gym, make a playlist to fit your workout. Faster paced music can improve your performance and upbeat music can put you in a better mood. Music also has the added benefit of distracting you from fatigue while exercising. So turn up the volume and watch your performance ramp up as well.

Really, what matters in the long run is sticking with things and working daily to get better at them. - Angela Duckworth

3. Add a Screen

Another way to look forward to your workout is to add some entertainment. You may not get much free time during the day to watch TV, but you can watch a show or movie while you exercise on the treadmill, elliptical, or stationary bike. Before you know it your show is over, and you’ve exercised for a half hour. You may be energized enough to go for another half hour. However, screens can have a negative impact. If you find yourself not pushing hard because you’re too invested in a TV program, turn it off and get to work.

4. Add Competition

Maybe you have a competitive side that doesn’t see much action. That can change if you incorporate some competition into your workouts. Create a weight-loss competition at your workplace, sign up for a race, play games on the Wii, or download an app that pits you against other fitness-minded people. Team up, set goals, and have fun. This could be a daily goal, a weight loss goal, or another kind of fitness goal. Add in a reward for the winner to increase motivation.

5. Add Something New

Doing the same workout day in and day out will no doubt get boring and repetitive. If you don’t like your workout, do something to change it. No one’s forcing you to jog on the treadmill everyday. So try something new. Sign up for a dance class, find a friend to meet you for tennis, or head to a climbing gym. There are plenty of options for exercise. Take advantage of this and experiment with a few until you find a couple that you enjoy. Pile this on top of your trainer-guided routine and you’ll really be burning calories!

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