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  • Not Worth the Risk
    While many mistakes don’t have lasting consequences, some do. Especially in the gym. Next time you’re at the gym, proceed with caution before you try any of the following exercises. They may not be worth the risk. Read >>
  • Stick to It
    When you feel like quitting, sleeping in, or cancelling your personal trainer, think twice. Because no matter what you may think in the moment, your health is worth more than whatever temptation you’re facing. Read >>
  • Be Kind to Your Joints
    If you’ve got weak or painful joints, it’s best to avoid high-impact exercises that place extra pressure or strain on your joints. But don’t give up on exercise. Practice joint-friendly, low-impact activities, such as these. Read >>
  • Make Exercise Fun Again
    Wish you enjoyed working out more than you do? You can. Here are five things to add to your routine to keep you coming back to exercise day after day. Read >>
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Stick to It

This time, do what it takes to make your commitment to exercise last.

How many times have you made the decision to start working out, only to quit a few days, weeks, or months later? It happens all the time. An injury, other priorities, a major life change, or just laziness can all lead you to give up on your workouts.

It’s time to recommit. Because there’s always a second chance to make a change for the better. When you feel like quitting, sleeping in, or cancelling your personal trainer, think twice. No matter what you may think in the moment, your health is worth more than whatever temptation you’re facing.
Need some inspiration to keep your commitment? Use these tips to get back in the gym day after day.

Track Your Progress

Studies show that people who track their fitness progress are more likely to reach their goals. Interested in becoming one of them? Keep a journal or download an app to make it simple and convenient. Record aspects of your workouts such as distance, time, weight lifted, or the number of calories burned. Keep track of pounds lost, inches lost, or other health numbers. Seeing how far you’ve come is a great motivating tool. The next time you think it’s not worth it, look back at your growth. You’ll get fired up and be ready to continue moving forward.

Change Things Up

It’s not surprising you feel like giving up if you’re bored with your workouts. This happens easily if you do the same workouts everyday and aren’t seeing the results you hoped for. If this sounds like you, it’s time to change things up and try a different type of exercise. Include cross training in your workouts and boredom will become a thing of the past. By including multiple types of exercises in your routine, you’ll work your muscles in new ways to get over any plateaus you reach.

Partner Up

When a friend plans to meet you at the gym, you won’t be tempted to hit snooze. There’s no way you’ll skip your workout. That’s the power of accountability. So find an exercise buddy and keep each other accountable. With a friend by your side, you may look forward to your workouts. Another added benefit of exercising with a friend? You’re more likely to exercise longer, because you’ll be distracted.

Make It Routine

You’re not going to just quit brushing your teeth or taking out the trash because you don’t feel like it. Why? Because they’re a normal part of your routine. Besides, you know they’re good for you. The same goes for exercise. It’s essential for optimal health. Make it a habit that’s non-negotiable and reap the benefits. When exercise is a part of your everyday routine, you won’t think twice about skipping.

Be in the Present

There will be days or weeks when you skip your workout. Instead of feeling guilty and beating yourself up, leave those mistakes in the past and focus on today. What can you do today to improve your health and reach your fitness goals? Each new day is a chance to recommit and move forward with hope.

Focus on the “Why”

Why do you exercise? To please other people? To look good in others’ eyes? If these are your reasons, you’re likely to give up. The motivation to exercise must come from your heart. You’ve got to love it, to crave it, to make it a part of who you are. Exercise comes with its own set of wonderful health benefits including weight loss, heart health, stress management, and an energy boost. Find your why, focus on it, and never look back.

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