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This Month In Diet
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  • Surprise! I’m Healthy
    Due to changing views of weight loss, causes of disease, and how the body works, foods once thought to be unhealthy are now known to provide valuable health benefits. Thanks to the ever-growing field of medical science, you can now enjoy these foods in moderation, without even a hint of guilt. Read >>
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Surprise! I’m Healthy

Five foods you may be surprised to learn are good for you.

It’s high in fat…contains too much cholesterol…is full of empty calories…
Sound familiar? Unfortunately, people try to avoid certain foods labeled “unhealthy” when in reality they are actually full of good fats, vitamins, minerals, and valuable antioxidants. Due to changing views of weight loss, causes of disease, and how the body works, foods once thought to be unhealthy are now known to provide valuable health benefits.

Thanks to the ever-growing field of medical science, you can now enjoy these foods in moderation, without even a hint of guilt.

5. Eggs—Yolk and All

“They’re high in cholesterol, so don’t eat them if you want a healthy heart. But if you do eat eggs, eat only the whites.” You’re well-meaning friend probably told you that to help your health. However, by avoiding eggs you’re missing out on one of nature’s best sources of complete protein. They’re also chock full of nutrients vital for brain function and eye health, plus numerous other vitamins and minerals. Skip the yolk and you miss out on most of these nutrients.
Making eggs particularly attractive is that they’re easy to fix, cheap to buy, and

can be a healthy part of your weight-loss plan. Current research shows that for most people, eating one egg a day won’t increase your risk of heart disease. People with diabetes, heart disease, or a high risk for heart disease should limit themselves to three eggs per week.

4. Peanut, Peanut Butter

“It’s high in fat and calories so use sparingly, if at all.” Ever heard people talk about peanut butter like it’s something bad for you? While it is somewhat high in fat and calories, peanut butter has been shown to actually lower your risk for heart disease, total cholesterol, and triglycerides without contributing to weight gain. To avoid unhealthy fats, look for peanut butter labeled as all natural.

Because of its fat and protein content, peanut butter keeps you feeling fuller for longer than other foods so you end up eating fewer calories. Peanuts are also rich in nutrients that promote brain health and protect babies from birth defects.

3. Caffeinated Coffee

“Too much can interfere with sleep, raise your blood pressure, and put you at risk for diabetes.” The health benefits and dangers of coffee have been disputed over the years, but the current consensus is coffee is good for you. Studies show coffee improves cognitive function, alertness, and memory. A few cups a day actually lower your risk of diabetes and depression and protect your liver and heart from disease.

Coffee’s combination of caffeine, valuable nutrients, and antioxidants provide powerful effects on your health. What you want to avoid are extra calories from added sugar and cream, so drink it black and you’ll be healthier for it.

2. Avocados, Whole or Squishy

“Because they’re high in fat, you shouldn’t eat them.” By avoiding avocados you’re missing out on numerous health benefits. Yes, avocados are high in fat, but it’s a type of fat that’s extremely good for you. Monounsaturated oleic acid is a fatty acid that helps reduce inflammation and protect the heart from disease, and avocados have it in spades. Avocados are also rich in fiber and low in carbs, making them diet-friendly. Rich in nutrients and antioxidants, this green fruit wards off disease and helps prevent cancer. So don’t feel guilty indulging in a little guacamole every once in a while.

1. Sweet, Dark Chocolate

“High in calories and saturated fat, chocolate is another favorite food you need to avoid.” So says the medical world just a short time ago. Thankfully, they’ve changed their tune recently. So when you have a chocolate craving, you don’t have to feel guilty after a small indulgence of the right kind of chocolate. When chocolate is made of at least 70 percent cocoa, it’s full of nutrients that are good for your brain, heart, and circulation. So satisfy your sweet tooth with a piece of dark chocolate and do your body a favor.

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