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Kiss Your Cough Goodbye

Battling an annoying cough? Try these natural home remedies for relief.

Coughing is normal when you’ve got a cold, sinus infection, allergies, the flu, or even COVID-19. While frustrating, it has a purpose. Your body uses coughs to remove mucus, bacteria, irritants, or foreign particles from your throat. Unfortunately, that annoying daytime cough can keep you from restful sleep at night.

There are many over-the-counter or prescription cough medications available to bring relief. However, they contain powerful drugs that you may not want to take unless necessary. Before you do, give these proven home remedies a try.

Eat Honey

One of the most popular natural treatments for coughs and sore throats, honey should always be in your cabinet. And since it never goes bad, you should never throw it away. If it gets clumpy, just warm it up in the microwave for a few seconds. Then swallow a spoonful, spread it on some toast, or add a couple teaspoons to a cup of warm herbal tea or warm water. The thick honey will coat and soothe your throat, helping you overcome your nagging cough. Just remember not to give honey to infants under 1 year of age.

Take Your Thyme

Thyme has been used for centuries to treat coughs, sore throat, and bronchitis. Its effectiveness is found in the leaves, which contain flavonoids. These compounds help to reduce inflammation and relax the throat muscles, ultimately relieving your cough. Make thyme tea by boiling crushed thyme leaves in water. Not into tea? Add some thyme to your soup recipe. There are also natural cough medicines that contain thyme.

Stay Hydrated

To heal from respiratory infections that cause coughs, you’ve got to stay hydrated. In addition to helping you overcome a cough, room temperature or warm beverages help relieve congestion, sore throat, and sneezing. The best drinks when sick are water, clear broths, warm fruit juice, herbal teas, or black tea.

Pile Up the Peppermint

Peppermint leaves are known for soothing an upset stomach, but they may also help relieve congestion and coughs. The main active ingredient of peppermint is menthol, a natural decongestant. Breathing in these vapors helps thin mucus and relieve chest congestion, ultimately helping you overcome a cough. Many chest rubs and cough drops also contain menthol. And you can drink peppermint tea or inhale steamed peppermint oil vapors for the same effect.

Grab Some Ginger

Another herb known for soothing stomach pain and nausea, ginger contains powerful anti-inflammatory properties that may relieve coughs by relaxing airway membranes. Drink a cup of ginger tea to move toward a cough-free day. Want to get there faster? Add honey to your hot drink.

Consider Bromelain

The stem and fruit of pineapples contain bromelain, an enzyme that may help thin mucus in your throat, suppress coughs, and relieve sinus congestion. Got a cough that won’t quit? Eat some pineapple or drink fresh pineapple juice several times a day. You can also try a bromelain supplement. Just be careful, as it shouldn’t be taken by people on blood thinners or antibiotics.

Get Steamy

If you’ve got a wet cough that produces phlegm or mucus, you need some steam. There are plenty of ways to get steamy. Take a hot shower or bath. Sit in the bathroom for a few minutes with a hot shower running. Lean over a bowl of hot, steaming water and place a towel over your head to breath in the steam. Or turn on a cool-mist humidifier in your room to help you sleep.

Gargle On

A dry, scratchy throat that causes a cough may be relieved by gargling salt water. For the best results, add a half teaspoon of salt to eight ounces of water and stir. Gargle for a few seconds and then spit the water out. This method probably won’t work for young children who don’t know how to gargle.

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