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    It’s raining and your big outdoor plans got ruined. Now what? Instead of watching movies, playing video games, or being bored all day, get creative. Read >>
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Rainy Day Fun

You may be stuck indoors, but you can still find fun things to do.

It’s raining and your big outdoor plans got ruined. Now what? Instead of watching movies, playing video games, or being bored all day, get creative. There are plenty of other activities to keep you and your family occupied on a rainy day. Some you can do at home and some may take you into the city.

So put away your umbrella and prepare to flip that frown upside down with these rainy day activities!


Is there a museum in your city that you’ve never visited or haven’t visited in years? It’s time for that to change. Museums are a great way to spend a rainy day. Take your pick from art, history, children’s, or science museums and see what you can learn. Schedule a guided tour if you can or make your own scavenger hunt to see what all you can find inside the museum.


Don’t have time to work on your favorite hobby? Take advantage of the rainy day to find that old project that’s been sitting in your closet waiting to be finished. Been a while since you were into a hobby? It’s never too late to try something new. Online lessons make learning new skills simple and affordable. If you need ideas to get you started, why not try woodworking, model assembly, puzzles, calligraphy, blogging, juggling, writing, baking, or scrapbooking?

Escape Rooms

A fun group event, with an escape room, you learn communication skills and spend time with friends and family. Get locked in a room, put on your detective hat, and solve puzzles to discover clues in your endeavor to escape in a certain amount of time. If you’ve never tried to break out of an escape room, put it on your next rainy day to-do list. With a small group of people, you can choose an escape room based on level of difficulty and subject matter.


Get out the art supplies, clear off the kitchen table, and set up a craft station. Maybe you have an unfinished project or perhaps you’re ready to start something new. Have kids? Look online to find child-friendly crafts for an upcoming holiday. Kids may enjoy making slime, painting a rock paperweight, or cutting out paper snowflakes. Find a craft you enjoy whether it’s painting, drawing, sculpting, knitting, or weaving, and get to work!


Why not head to your local bowling ally for some friendly competition? Bowling is an activity anyone can do. Even young kids can enjoy bumper bowling. Rent a lane for an hour or two and see if you still have any bowling skills. You may fall in love with the sport all over again!

Laser Tag

Laser tag is a fun and harmless way to spend a rainy day. Instead of playing video games, why not shoot each other with laser beams? Running around shooting laser beams at the opposing team is an entertaining way to get a little exercise while improving your teamwork skills and making memories.

Jump Park

Since it’s dangerous to jump on a trampoline in the rain, why not head to a jump park? With a room full of trampolines, foam pits, and climbing walls, kids can spend all day jumping and climbing around. If your kids are too young for a jump park, consider taking them to an indoor bounce house.

Spa Day

Rainy days are the perfect opportunity for a little pampering. Turn your blah day into a spa day. Even young girls can have fun getting spa treatments. Take your pick from manicures, pedicures, facials, and massages and leave behind the dreary weather outside.

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