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  • You Have Prediabetes. Now What?
    You’re not diabetic…yet. But if you don’t make some drastic lifestyle changes, you will be soon. Not sure what you should and shouldn’t eat and drink to get your blood sugar levels back in a safe zone? Read on to find out. Read >>
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  • Intake < 1,500
    While you’ll shed pounds and lose inches when you drastically restrict calories, you may harm your health in the process. Keep reading to learn about six ways you put your good health at risk with a low-calorie diet. Read >>
  • Sandwich Sabotage
    They’re filling, easy to prepare, great for a packed-lunch, and adaptable to a variety of different palates. Unfortunately, as with any other food, you’ve got to be picky about what type of sandwiches you choose Read >>
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You Have Prediabetes. Now What?

Reverse the disease with this diet.

You’re not diabetic…yet. But if you don’t make some drastic lifestyle changes, you will be soon. If this is you, a lifetime of monitoring blood sugar levels, insulin shots, and health complications is what’s ahead if you keep eating and living the way you have been of the last decade. The good news is that you caught it early, and you don’t have to give up. By making the right lifestyle changes today, you can either prevent the disease or slow its progression tomorrow.

Along with exercise, weight loss, sleep, and support, diet plays a major role in reversing prediabetes. Not sure what you should and shouldn’t eat and drink to get your blood sugar levels back in a safe zone? Read on to find out.

Fiber Is Your Friend

Foods high in fiber take longer to digest and help prevent spikes or drops in your blood sugar. Since they’re more filling than other foods, high-fiber foods are also a weapon against weight gain. As you’re making food choices, look for foods high in fiber. These include fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and beans. At least half of your meal should consist of fruits and vegetables.

Say Goodbye to Sodas

Sodas and other sugar-filled drinks (sweet tea, lemonade, coffee drinks, and sports beverages) are extremely high in sugar. Liquid sugar reaches your blood quickly, causing a dramatic spike in blood sugar levels—something you want to avoid. They also contain empty calories with little to no nutritional value.

Look for Lean Meats

Red meat and processed meats are high in calories and saturated fats, which cause a rise in blood sugar. Avoid these types of meat and choose lean meats such as fish or chicken or turkey (white meat cuts without the skin). Leaner red meat options will have the words “loin” or “round” in the name. Be sure to cut off any visible fat and prepare your meat by grilling, baking, broiling, roasting, or sautéing rather than frying.

Say Hello to Healthy Fats

Part of a prediabetes eating plan is being picky about what types of fats you eat. Your body needs some fat for health, but there are good fats and bad. Nuts, avocado, and seeds contain healthy fats, as do olive oil and canola oil. Since these foods are also high in calories, eat them in moderation.

Count Your Carbs

Carbohydrates are a big deal to diabetics because they have a big impact on blood sugar levels. In your effort to lower high blood sugar levels, reduce the amount of carbs you consume, be selective, and keep track of the number of carbs you eat each day. Simple carbs such as sugar and foods made with white flour (breads, cereals, baked goods, and pastas) are the type of carbs you want to avoid. When you do eat carbs, choose complex carbs (fruits, vegetables, low-fat dairy, beans, and whole grains).

Portions, Planning, and Preparation

Since part of diabetes control is about weight loss and weight management, it’s important to limit portion sizes. Reducing the number of calories you consume will put you on the path to weight loss. While high-calorie and high-carb foods should be avoided, you can enjoy them occasionally in small portions.
To prevent spikes and drops in your blood sugar levels and help your body effectively use the insulin it produces, plan to eat three meals at consistent times each day.

Instead of eating fast food, which is affordable but filled with unhealthy fats, sodium, and calories, prepare your meals at home using healthy, whole ingredients.

With these small steps, you’ll take a giant leap toward good health, making it possible to enjoy a diabetes-free life—for life!

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